How Much Does Septic Tank Pumping Cost?

At Jones Septic Solutions, we provide punctual and quality septic services at a fair price. We do not charge hidden fees, unlike many septic tank companies who give customers a septic tank pumping cost: a price over the phone, then charge additional fees such as digging and hose cost. Many of our competitors will advertise the septic pumping cost $150 to $199, which is accurately close to an standard 1000 gallon septic tank disposal fee at a treatment plan. These companies will always have hidden fees to make up for the very low advertised price.

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All septic services are done at a fair price!

Standard 1000 gallon septic tank

Jones Septic Solutions has a base price of $350 to $400 for a standard 1000 gallon septic tank, as long as the tank has received normal maintenance within the past 3 to 5 years. Of course, if you have not had your septic tank pumped out in the last 20 to 30 years, then there will be an additional cost because the septic tank will be more than half full of sludge.

Septic tank inspection

Septic inspections are one of the most important inspections when buying and selling a house, or if you are considering the condition of the existing septic system. Typically, our septic tank inspection cost range from $175 to $225. Note. If we are completing a septic inspection and the septic tank needs to be pumped out, we will complete the inspection for free and only charge for the septic pumping cost.


Hydro-jetting is also a very important service for all septic systems and sewer lines. When we hydro-jet the line from the house to the septic tank, the line itself basically becomes brand new. It clears grease and sludge from the pipes, as well as the same for the outlet line that connects the septic tank and drain field. Hydro-jetting can cost from $175 to $450 dollars. .


The installation prices can vary a lot because you may only need an additional 100 foot of drain field lines added to an existing drain field, an entire drain field replaced, or an new septic system replaced. The standard drain field can cost an minimum of $2500 to simply add lines to an existing septic system and $4500 to $8500 to replace an entire drain field without a tank. When an new septic system is required, the price begins at $8500.

Septic tank cleaning

The septic tank cleaning cost is going to remain accurately close to our base prices. However, due to varied septic maintenance and repairs, prices may vary but if you are looking for courteous, honest, and professional septic services, contact us today for septic tank pumping quotes.

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